EMI Shielding Solutions

Shielding from electromagnetic interference, or EMI is crucial in today’s technologically advanced environment. The need to reduce electromagnetic interference is becoming increasingly critical as electronic gadgets get smaller and more potent. 

Sensitive components are shielded from ambient electromagnetic waves using efficient EMI shielding techniques and materials, resulting in maximum functionality and dependability.

EMI Shielding Technology

Modern electronic systems and equipment must include EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) shielding. A suitable EMI shielding design guide is now essential since wireless technology is developing and electromagnetic pollution is increasing.

To reduce electromagnetic emissions and vulnerability, which can interfere with electronic circuits, materials and structures must be strategically used. By restricting electromagnetic waves’ unwelcome transfer and reception, EMI shielding companies provide the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and conformity to electromagnetic compatibility regulations.

Choice of Shield Type


One-piece RF shield

It is a single, comprehensive enclosure intended to stop EMI and stop electromagnetic radiation. These shields offer efficient defence against electromagnetic interference and are often formed of conductive materials.
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Two-piece shield

This type of shielding consists of two sections that fit together to form an enclosure. The shield's two-piece design makes it simpler to assemble and maintain while yet offering efficient EMI protection.

Drawn RF shield

The drawing method creates this kind of shield, which involves shaping a single sheet of electrically conductive material into the appropriate shield shape. Drawn RF shields provide effective shielding and are frequently utilised in applications that call for certain shapes or unique designs.

Surface-mounted shield(SMS)

are prefabricated shielding parts that can be put directly on circuit boards or other electrical devices or attached to them. For particular locations or circuits on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board), they offer targeted EMI shielding.

MultivCAV shields

MultiCAV (Multiple Cavities) shields have numerous chambers or compartments to fit and safeguard various circuits or parts. When several delicate components need to be protected from electromagnetic waves, this kind of shielding is quite helpful.

SMT shield clips

Surface-mounted shields are placed on a PCB using small metal clips known as SMT (Surface Mount Technology) shield clips. These clips make it simple to put on and take off the shield, giving you quick accessibility to the shielded parts when you need them.

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Custom EMI Shielding Cans Solution


Shielding from electromagnetic interference, or EMI is crucial in today’s high-tech environment. As electronic devices become smaller and more powerful, reducing electromagnetic interference is becoming more important. Sensitive components are protected from external electromagnetic waves using operational EMI shielding methods and features, providing the highest level of performance and reliability.

Processes in the Design and Production Stage for Shield

In the design and production of electronic equipment, electromagnetic interference shielding, or EMI shielding, is essential. It entails the use of products and methods to reduce the effect of electromagnetic energy on the functionality of delicate electronic components. To assure the reliable and legal operation of electronic devices, the development and fabrication stage for EMI shielding techniques normally comprises rigorous research of the electromagnetic surroundings, selecting suitable shielding components, and application of effective shielding procedures.


board level shielding emi

Board-level shielding design

There are many different types of board-level shielding techniques, including metallic coatings, metal walls, and conductive sealing. These shielding methods ensure the dependable operation of electronic components by guarding against signal corruption and disruption.

emi suitable materials

Selection of suitable materials

The choice of the best material for board-level shielding during the design and production stages of EMI shielding is the second phase. Here, specifications like conductivity, strength, and conformity with the proposed use are taken into account.


Board-level shielding packaging

After selecting the board-level shielding material, the next step entails carefully packing and attaching the shielding to the circuit board. This step also involves making sure that there are no gaps or potential interference that could reduce the shielding's effectiveness.


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As a leading manufacturer of PCB emi shields, we take great pride in our certification, which guarantees the dependability and effectiveness of our products.
Our certification proves our commitment to quality while assuring customers that our rf shield cans solutions comply with the most critical industry standards. The NOA’s criteria have been satisfied.

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Choose us for your EMI shielding needs since we provide complete and cutting-edge products that are suited to your requirements. We guarantee dependable and efficient shielding solutions that protect your delicate electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference, providing you peace of mind and the best performance possible. This is made possible by our experience and devotion to quality.

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Our specialists will lead you through the procedure while offering insightful advice and selecting the best solutions to meet your shielding needs. With years of expertise and an extensive understanding of EMI shielding, they can help.

Superior EMI Safety

Our electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding solutions offer superior EMI safety, protecting your fragile electronic gadgets from unauthorised interference and retaining their top operation.

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Our EMI shielding solutions are now available: To ensure optimal performance, we are aware of how crucial it is to protect electronic equipment from electromagnetic interference (EMI). With the help of our selection of cutting-edge shielding materials and methods, we can efficiently reduce EMI while offering dependable protection and preserving the integrity of delicate electronic components. We deliver specialised solutions that satisfy the exacting standards of numerous industries using our experience and cutting-edge technologies, protecting your gadgets from unwanted electromagnetic interference.

Increased Device Protection

Shielding solutions protect delicate electronics from outside electromagnetic fields, lowering the chance of failures, shocks, or other possible risks to consumers.

Extended Device Lifespan

EMI shielding extends the operational life of electronics and minimises warranty costs by eliminating early component breakdowns brought on by electromagnetic interference.


Making an initial investment in EMI shielding solutions can save money over time by avoiding costly redesigns, recalled items, or warranty claims brought on by electromagnetic interference problems.

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