EMI Shielding

Searching for high-quality electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding that matches your electrical needs? We provide a wide range of EMI shielding goods at Haitong. We are a top-tier producer in several industries with the best and most affordable shielding in town. Reach out to us right away to learn more!

EMI Shielding Technology

Haitong provides a diverse variety of EMI shielding solutions. With these additional facilities, we can better offer our clients high-quality, low-cost shielding solutions. Our products can be found in various devices, including smart gadgets, medical equipment and patches, automotive systems, and different other devices. We offer rapid, efficient, cost-effective prototypes and manufacturing for any bespoke assembly your project demands.

Choice of EMI Shielding type


one piece Board Level Shielding

One Piece RF Shield

A one-piece board-level shield is required for surface mount or through-hole installations. Shield clips are also compatible. One-piece designs offer low-cost shielding protection.
Phones EMI shielding is included in modern mobile phones. More electromagnetic precautions are necessary as more phones use 3D-touch technology (along with other features).
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two piece Board Level Shielding

Two Piece Shield

A two-piece EMI shield consisting of a frame and a detachable cover provides for faster and simpler maintenance of the component behind the shield as well as less board redesign.
PC board Monitoring EMI shielding can give individual or multi-cavity shielding over elements on PCB shields and are an efficient solution to isolate EMI components.
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Drawn RF Shield

Drawn RF Shield

Seamless Protective Cage for enhanced shielding Optimum Planarity for higher reflow soldering yield Sturdy Construction to prevent dents and distortion.
Consumer electronics Nhait provides EMI and thermal solutions for various market electronic device applications such as flat-screen displays, desktops, laptops, and server computers, as well as portable electronic devices such as GPS units and cellular phones.
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SMT Shield Clips

Surface Mounted Shield

Surface mount shields to meet the shielding requirements of target clients through both low- and high-profile situations
Thermal Products our customers benefit from our thermal management solutions. Among the benefits are superior heat conductivity, high compressibility, and exceptional dielectric properties.
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MultiCAV Shield

MultiCAV Shield

The MultiCAV is a modular shield that combines numerous shields into one, reducing shield weight and cost while maintaining board space.
Routers EMI shields offered side talk prevention for a bank of transceiver chips.
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Surface Mounted Shield

SMT Shield Clips

SMT Shield Clips facilitate the design of EMI shielding solutions. Soldering is not required with the shield clips.
Drone EMI shielding is a critical factor in the planning and construction of all military defense systems. This is especially true for crewless aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones, which rely on their ability to link to ground systems seamlessly.
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Custom OEM EMI Shielding Solution


Haitong is a one-stop OEM EMI shielding solution that provides unique electromagnetic shielding for complicated designs. We offer one of the most modern manufacturing EMI shielding techniques. We create and integrate technologies to meet demanding performance goals in our clients’ most essential applications.

Process In Design And Production Stage For EMI Shield

The technique used to construct their EMI shielding is just as critical as the materials used. Manufacturers handle EMI shielding in some methods, with the following being the most popular.


type of board level

Type of Board Level Shielding

Consider whether one or two-piece shields, surface mount shields, multi-cab shields, drawing shields, or SMT shields are necessary.

Material for Board Level Shielding

Material for Board Level Shielding

Choose items like tin-plated, SUS, or nickel-silver alloy.


Packing of Board Level Shielding

Packing of Board Level Shielding

You have the option of reel and tape, tray, or typical.


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At Haitong, we enjoy offering dependable, quick, and quality services while focusing on our clients’ demands and deliverables and supplying high-quality EMI Shielding, ambient, and shielding solutions. We enhance electrical gadgets by developing novel security solutions. World-class technology firms trust Haitong for excellent protection, increased performance and dependability, bespoke structural designs, and faster time-to-market.


We constantly endeavor to enhance and upgrade our forms. Our constrained and efficient states give us a competitive advantage in our industry, which we pass on to you.

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The key to our exceptional achievements is that we cherish our clients and aim to build long-term relationships.

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Haitong's product quality method enables it to produce manufactured items that satisfy or surpass its clients' specifications and expectations. The management of the organization is committed to ongoing quality improvement.

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If you are experiencing any problems, you can contact a live customer care agent who will respond to your emails or messages.

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Most Popular Questions


EMI shielding uses manufacturing processes and materials in electronic devices and equipment to protect signals from being disturbed by external electromagnetic signals while preventing produced signals from interfering with nearby components.
Each product on our website has a different order quantity. This is accessible on each product’s product information page at both the minimum and multiple order amounts.
We shall be held accountable for every consumer complaint and will cooperate with consumers to fix any issues that arise.
Dielectric strength, shape, aspect ratio, and filler dispersion all influence the electromagnetic interference shielding performance of polymer composites filled with nanostructured carbon components.
The efficacy of EMI shielding evaluates how well a gadget protects against EMI. This metric is the difference in strength or intensity of an electromagnetic signal during shielding and after shielding.
EMI shielding refers to using manufacturing techniques and supplies in electronic devices and equipment to protect signals from being disturbed by external electromagnetic signals while preventing produced signals from interacting with nearby components.
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