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With the increasing number of applications that need reliable wireless signal transmission, NHAIT is a leading professional internal antenna manufacturer based in China that offers various types of antennas for different applications including TVs, cars, routers and access points.

We provide high-quality internal antennas with superior performance to ensure reliable signal coverage even in challenging environments.

What is Internal Antenna Technology

Internal antenna for TV, internal antenna for car, and other applications have been developed to minimize the size of the antenna while maintaining high signal quality.

Internal antennas use small form-factor components such as compact printed circuit boards, low-profile coaxial cables, and miniature waveguides which are integrated into devices, allowing them to be placed in tight spaces or hidden away from view.

Internal Antennas for your choice




Internal antennas for TVs and receivers providing improved signal reception without having to install an external antenna.
TVs, receivers, and other household electronic devices are now equipped with internal antennas for improved signal reception.
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Used for robots providing improved signal reception and navigation capabilities.
Robots are now being equipped with antennas that offer enhanced signal reception and navigation capabilities.
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Industrial and Commercial

Industrial and Commercial

They are also used for routers and access points providing strong wireless signal coverage even in larger offices or factories.
Routers and access points are now being equipped with internal antennas that provide enhanced wireless signal coverage for large-scale industrial and commercial applications.
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Internal antennas for military equipment providing secure communications in rugged and hostile environments.
Military-grade equipment is now being equipped with internal antennas that provide secure communications in extreme conditions.
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They are used for car navigation systems providing accurate positioning information even in challenging environments.
Car navigation systems are now being equipped with internal antennas that provide reliable positioning information even in harsh conditions.
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Used in medical implants providing accurate data collection in confined spaces.
Medical implants are now being equipped with antennas that provide reliable data collection in restricted environments.
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Custom OEM Internal Antenna


From custom Wifi internal antenna to internal antenna router, NHAIT is certain provide you with exacting specifications that you want.

NHAIT is your reliable partner for the design and manufacture of professional antennas. Get a custom solution today!

Process in Design and Production Stage for Internal Antenna

Know that when you partner with NHAIT, we make sure that every process in the design and production stage of an internal antenna is precise and meticulously examined. Here’s a summary of our process in making sure that every product leaving our facility meets your expectations:


Injection Molding

Injection Molding

We create the antenna components using injection molding techniques to ensure precision and quality.

Laser Activation

Laser Activation

We use laser activation technology to ensure that the antenna components are finely tuned and have a consistent performance.


Internal Antenna


We use metallization techniques to ensure that the antenna components are durable and able to withstand harsh environments.


Our certification


Why Choose Us

The competition of technology is intense and only the best antennas get chosen. When you partner with NHAIT, you know that we focus on delivering a quality product that meets your exact requirements.
We have the expertise and experience in designing and manufacturing custom OEM internal antennas for any application.

Timely Delivery

We understand that timely delivery is important and we strive to ensure that every product meets our customer’s deadlines.

Expert Technical Support

We offer expert technical support and provide detailed information on the design, development and production of antennas.

Competitive Prices

Our pricing is competitive, allowing us to deliver products at a price point that fits customers’ budgets.


Our team is highly experienced and dedicated to providing professional service every step of the way.

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Most Popular Questions


This type of antenna is specially designed to be installed inside a device. It is typically smaller than external antennas and can provide enhanced signal reception in challenging environments. This can be found in anything from mobile phones to medical implants.

WiFi router are known for their long-range and powerful connection coverage. Internal antennas boost the signal performance of a router by providing improved reception in challenging environments such as large offices or factories.

The materials used to create an internal antenna vary, but typically include metal, plastic and ceramics. The material selection depends on the type of antenna being created and its intended usage.

External antennas are usually larger and protrude from the device they are connected to. They offer improved reception in open or wide spaces, but can be prone to interference due to their proximity to other devices. Internal antennas are smaller and built into the device which makes them more reliable in terms of signal performance, but may not provide the same level of reception as an external antenna.

Yes, internal antennas do require some form of maintenance. This includes performing periodic checks to ensure that the antenna is working correctly and making sure that any dust or debris is removed from the device. Other maintenance tasks may include tuning the antenna or making adjustments to its positioning.

The main difference between an internal and external antenna access point is their size and placement. Internal antennas are smaller and built into the device, which makes them less prone to interference from other devices. On the other hand, external antennas protrude from the device and offer improved reception in open or wide spaces.

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