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Are you trying to find the top RF shield manufacturer? Here at Nhait, we provide a variety of RF shield boxes.We are a top-tier producer of RF shields. Offering the best local products at competitive prices. To learn more, contact us right away.

RF Shielding Technology

Our RF Shielding products utilize advanced materials and technologies to effectively shield and isolate electromagnetic waves.

Choice of shield type


One Piece RF Shield

One Piece RF Shield

Six sides are provided by one-piece RF shields, with the board itself serving as the sixth side of the defense.
When it's optional to have access to the shielded components, one-piece designs provide affordable shielding protection.
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Two Piece Shield

Two Piece Shield

The shield comprises a frame and a cover, and the structure and cover body is attached movably.
They stop electromagnetic interference (EMI) and protect the PCB and LCM components in mobile phones, GPS, and other applications.
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Drawn RF Shield

Drawn RF Shield

Optimized planarity for higher reflow soldering yield drawn RF shield materials for higher shielding effectiveness and durable construction.
Nhait's can produce RF shields from various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, tin-plated steel, copper, and C7701 Nickel silver alloy.
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Surface Mounted Shield

Surface Mounted Shield

Electronic equipment is more prone to interference from electromagnetic and radio waves, noise, and other factors as demand rises.
Surface mount shields might be helpful here. Shields that are mounted on the surface are known as surface mount shields.
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MultiCAV Shield

MultiCAV Shield

A cutting-edge RF shielding and protection solution called MultiCAV RF Shield is created for usage in several applications.
MultiCAV RF shielding pcb material is made altogether to remove the impacts of RF interference from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.
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SMT Shield Clips

SMT Shield Clips

To quickly assemble RFI/EMI-shielding cans to PCBs, this clip must be attached to the surface of a PCB (SMT).
This clip does not need through holes and post-reflow procedures on the PCB.
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Custom OEM RF Shielding Solution


Nhait’s are an all-in-one OEM RF shielding and box company that offers the most intricate designs for customized absorbing materials.

Process In Design And Production Stage For Shield

There is less chance of error and quicker results when one vendor handles the entire machining process.


Determine Types of RF Shielding

Determine Types of RF Shielding

The typical RF shielding techniques include board-level shielding, cable shielding, shielded vents, solid enclosures, gaskets and O-rings, and RF-shielded buildings.

Determine Materials for RF Shielding

Determine Materials for RF Shielding

Copper, aluminum, nickel silver, pre-tin-plated steel, and Mu-metal are the typical metals used in RF shielding.


Production and Packaging of RF Shielding

Production and Packaging of RF Shielding

We design professional packaging materials for the products to ensure they are not damaged during transportation.


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Protecting a gadget from radio frequency interference is known as RF shielding (RFI). It is the concept in its most basic form; however, in practice, it typically refers to creating an enclosure that shields a specific device component from RF signal interference.

These signals are conductive and convey energy, making it possible to reroute them with clever design and the appropriate use of conductive materials. An efficient RF shield will divert and prevent incoming RF waves away from the object it is intended to shield.

The electromagnetic field can impact the effectiveness of electrical circuits and devices. It is essential to provide RF shielding foil to prevent electromagnetic waves from interfering with the operation of electronic equipment.

As copper is so good at absorbing and attenuating electromagnetic waves’ electric and magnetic components, it is the most trustworthy material for RF shielding. Its electrical conductivity of it is high.

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