RF Shielding Manufacturer

Leading RF shielding manufacturer Nhait specialises in modern methods for ensuring electromagnetic compatibility. 

We manufacture a wide variety of premium shielding solutions that provides defence against unwelcome electromagnetic interference (EMI) across a range of sectors, from telecommunications to aerospace. 

We are a reliable partner for all RF shielding foil because of our experience and commitment to customer satisfaction.

RF Shielding Technology

We are a leading provider of RF shielding systems that use cutting-edge technology in all production processes. In various industries, our advanced devices provide secure connections while offering strong protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI). 

Using advanced shielding technology from Nhait, critical electronic equipment, facilities, and devices are protected from outside RF signals, preserving data integrity and performance. Due to our RF shielding expertise, we equip businesses to function effectively and safely in today’s connected world.

Choice of the shield type


One-piece RF shield

One-piece RF shield

This describes a solid barrier shielding electronic parts or gadgets from RF damage. It is intended to surround and protect delicate circuitry from outside RF interference and is often built of conductive components like metal.
Two-piece shield

Two-piece shield

A two-piece shield comprises two individual parts that come together to form an entire RF shield. This sort of shielding is frequently used when convenient access to the components or the need for rework or maintenance is present.
Drawn RF shield

Drawn RF shield

A drawn RF shield is one that was created through the drawing or stamping of metal. To get the desired shield design, a flat sheet of conductive material must be shaped. To offer RF isolation, drawn shields are frequently employed in electrical devices.
Surface-mounted shield (SMT shield)

Surface-mounted shield (SMT shield)

Specially designed surface-mounted shields are used in systems requiring surface-mount technological advancement. This shield can be soldered directly onto a printed circuit board (PCB) for mounting. SMT shields are frequently employed in small electrical devices with limited area.
MultiCAV shield

MultiCAV shield

Multiple cavities are referred to as MultiCAV. Multiple distinct cavities are contained within a single shield to form a MultiCAV shield. These shields provide localised RF shielding and avoid interference by separating and shielding various components or parts of a circuit from one another.
Routers cross talk protection for a bank of transceiver chips was provided by board level shields.
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SMT shield clips

SMT shield clips

Surface-mounted shields are placed on a printed circuit board (PCB) using these tiny metal clips, known as SMT shield clips. They give the shield mechanical stability and guarantee appropriate electrical contact with the printed circuit board (PCB).

24/7 Towing Service

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Custom RF Shielding Solutions


Nhait is a one-stop shop OEM RF shield producer offering the most intricate electromagnetic shielding designs. We manufacture rf shield boxes using the most innovative manufacturing technology.
In addition, we continuously improve quality by performing a variety of intermittent quality assurance inspections across various stages of production.

Process in the RF Shield Engineering and Manufacturing Phase

An RF (radio frequency) shield goes through several phases during the design and manufacturing stages to guarantee that harmful electromagnetic interference is effectively blocked. Here is a general description of how it happens:


Demands Description

Demands Description

Outline the demands and specifications for the RF shield first. Identify the frequency spectrum it must block, the needed attenuation level, the form factor, and any other requirements.

Style Concept

Style Concept

Develop a design idea for the RF shield based on the specifications. Consider elements like material choice, shielding methods (such as metal enclosures, and conductive coatings), and the overall structure. Model and analyse the suggested design using electromagnetic simulation software.


Component Choice

Component Choice

For the RF shield, pick materials with strong magnetic permeability and electrical conductivity. Nickel, steel, aluminium, and copper are materials that are frequently used. Price, accessibility, simplicity of manufacturing, and interaction with other components should all be taken into account.



Design of the Shield's Mechanical Structure

Design of the Shield's Mechanical Structure

Create the Shield's mechanical structure, considering its dimensions, form, and compatibility with the electronic device or system it will be utilised. Check that there is enough safeguarding and grounding throughout the structure.

Custom RF Shielding Creation


Construct the RF shield using the tools and methods you prefer. This could be accomplished using methods like CNC machining, or additive production. Follow the recommendations of the industry to ensure exact measuring and exceptional manufacturing.


Assessment and Verification

Assessment and Verification

Use advanced tools like spectrum testers, and RF receivers to measure the shield's dampening capabilities in order to determine the functionality of the RF shield. To verify adherence to the desired requirements, do testing in controlled settings with recognised RF sources.



Custom RF Shielding Execution


Start a large-scale production after the design has been completed and validated. Ensure uniformity in fabrication methods, components, and quality assurance procedures. Select the most appropriate production techniques, such as mass manufacturing or specialised fabrication, depending on the amount needed.

Custom RF Shielding Quality


Implement a quality control system to keep an eye on the manufacturing process and make sure that every RF shield complies with the requirements. To find any errors or faults, do random sampling and inspections.


Shipping and paperwork

Shipping and paperwork

Produce thorough documentation, including design files, production guidelines, evaluations, and instructions for installation. Either give the user the required paperwork or incorporate the RF shield into the finished item.


Our certification

As a top producer of RFID shields, we take great satisfaction in our accreditation, ensuring our goods’ reliability and efficiency.
Our accreditation demonstrates our dedication to excellence and assures clients that our RF shielding solutions adhere to the most significant industry requirements. We have met the requirements of NOA.


Why Choose Us

Nhait is a well-known RF shield material producer that distinguishes out for several important factors. Here are some strong reasons why you should choose us: our knowledge and experience, premium products, modern technology, and so on. You can count on outstanding quality, customization possibilities, and exceptional customer service when you choose Nhait as your RF shield supplier. We are dedicated to offering RF shielding solutions that are dependable and successful and satisfy your unique needs.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service is highly motivated, disciplined, focused on demand development, and experienced.

Dedicated Expert Support

Our support team is committed to immediately responding to any queries you may have. We aim to assist you in choosing the best alternatives for your business.

High-Quality Production

We also employ quality control techniques to verify that our goods satisfy the highest safety and performance requirements.

After-Sales Service

All of our customers receive timely and effective after-sales service. Our professionals are ready 24/7 daily to assist clients with questions or problems.

Still Need Help?

Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance in finding the perfect RF shield, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our team of experts is ready to provide you with the support you need. Feel free to contact us today and discover why Nhait is your best choice!

Sales Support

At Nhait, we prioritize meeting our customers' needs. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7, ready to address any queries you may have.Trust us to be your reliable partner in providing comprehensive solutions.

Sample Test

We take pride in delivering high-quality RF shield to all our customers. To ensure exceptional quality, our dedicated quality assurance team conducts rigorous sample testing at multiple stages of the manufacturing process.

Custom Solution

To ensure that customers find the right type and style of RF shield to meet their specific needs and requirements, we offer a diverse selection of options.We are committed to providing you with the ideal solution that aligns with your unique specifications.

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