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RJ11 Connector Technology

RJ11 connects single phone lines and is available in 6P2C or 6P4C configurations. The RJ11 connector only allows limited-bandwidth applications since it only has two of the six potential connection points.

The most common connection is RJ11, go through RJ14 and RJ25. All three jack types connect phones for single-, two-, and three-line service. These are all modular connections with six locations available. 

The RJ11 uses the center two contacts of the six available and is used for wiring a single phone line.

Choice of RJ11 Connector type


Single port RJ11

Single Port RJ11

Single port RJ11 could be readily installed without causing any damage to your walls. Simply attach an RJ11 wire to the jack along the baseboards. The RJ11 is screwed or has double-sided tape to the wall.
Modem the RJ11 connector is typically used in computer systems to connect to modems. Because telephone ports range significantly from nation to country, there are several adapters for RJ11 connections.
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Single port RJ11

Multi Port RJ11

RJ11 multi-port has a increases host expansion possibilities. Low-latency communication supports a wide range of applications and is software-selectable for RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485.
Telephone Cable Residential telephone wiring typically consists of two pairs of wires — one for each telephone line. The initial telephone line is in the middle pins (Red and Green).
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RJ11 is mainly used in telephone connections. Since the connection has six places, it can accommodate up to three telephone lines (two wires/pair are required for communication). It connects a phone to the wall socket and the handset to the phone. Below is the list of applications for RJ11 connector:



Smart TV

Smart TV





Game Console

Game Console

Industrial Process Control

Industrial Process Control

Industrial Robotics

Industrial Robotics

Quality Control System

Quality Control System

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Most Popular Questions


RJ11 is a connector used in telephone lines. As a result, RJ11 is primarily utilized with twisted-pair connections with four wires. Cat5 cables can also be used for telephone lines with RJ11 connectors. Utilize one of the four wire pairs to terminate with RJ11 and connect to the phone line.

Phone lines, ADSL lines, and modem wires. RJ11 is used chiefly for voice communications. Networking in computing. RJ45 connectors are used in Ethernets and for connecting cable modems to Wi-Fi routers.

The Registered Jack-11 (RJ-11), a modem port, phone connector, phone jack, or phone line in the United States, is a four or six-wire connection for telephone and modem interfaces.

RJ11 connections are often seen on telephones and modems. When is an RJ11 connection commonly used? RJ11 connectors are used to connect analog telephones to phone jacks. RJ45 connections are used on Cat 3, Cat 5, and higher twisted pair cables.

The 2-wire analog phone supports RJ11 cable lengths of up to 100 meters. It is strongly advised to utilize a conventional 2-wire analog phone without an LCD.

While increasing your distance will not affect your speed, it will impact the modem’s ability to sync correctly with the DSLAM, resulting in a decreased sync rate, line, CV, or HEC faults (either causing slower speeds or a bouncing circuit).

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