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Searching for the best RJ45 connector brand that suits your needs? Nhait offers a large selection of RJ45 connectors. RJ45 ethernet connector manufacturers are available in a variety of genders and contact platings. 

RJ45 connector manufacturers are available in several termination techniques, including crimp and solder, as well as a wide range of maximum voltages and working temperatures.

RJ45 Connector Technology

RJ45 connectors are primarily used to connect an internet-enabled device (such as a PC) to another network device, such as a server, router, modem, smart TV, game console, and other Ethernet-enabled devices. 

Ethernet networks are widely used in both professional and home settings. Hardwiring with RJ45 devices offers faster data transfer while maintaining stability and security, making them appealing for usage in industry and on the factory floor.

Choice of Connector type


RJ45 connector

Female RJ45 Connectors (RJ45 Socket)

RJ45 connection female components are the recessed sockets intended to accept a male RJ45 plug. These connection sockets are frequently referred to as an RJ45 female jack, a female RJ45 socket, or something similar.
Factory Automation these RJ45 connectors are used to connect a patch panel to a network switch and connect a computer's NIC to a data port.
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RJ45 connector

Integrated RJ45 Connect

Integrated connectors are more advanced. With a circuit board inside, it has a higher transmission rate and more reliable transmission.
Laptop and Desktops this connector, primarily found on business laptops and desktop computers, allows you to connect directly to wired networks. While Wi-Fi is improving, having the option to communicate through Ethernet is quite helpful.
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RJ45 connector


As a result, efficient cable retention is possible. Furthermore, they enable 360° shielding contact.
Router RJ45 connectors are used in Ethernets and for connecting cable/fiber modems or NBN boxes to Wi-Fi routers. RJ45 connections can handle up to 10Gbps via Ethernet if the other equipment, such as network cables, supports the same speed.
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RJ45 connector


These physical connections are made of many exterior elements shielding the electronics from hostile surroundings. Furthermore, they are known as Hi-Rel, which stands for high dependability.
Modem the RJ45 connection is a defined interface commonly used to connect a computer to a Local Area Network (LAN). This connection was designed for telephone communications but is currently utilized in various applications.
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RJ45 connector

Multi-part RJ45

A 10-pin connection can be used when serial lines, such as a T1 line, are required.
Gaming Console the cable is compatible with all devices with an RJ45 Ethernet connector, such as switches, routers, ADSL, Adapters, Modem, PS3, PS4, X-box, Patch panels, Servers, Networking Printers, and so on.
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Our design team and mold workshop, Nhait, has strong product design ability and precision mold fabrication capability, providing excellent custom manufacturing services. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for our valued customers for their satisfaction with every product.


Expanding features and capabilities to the RJ45 product range, such as incredible speed and durability, has also made this connector method useful for usage outside of the office or home networking. Nhait is a leading manufacturer of RJ45 cables and connectors in the market. We have various RJ45 devices that meet and exceed international requirements.



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Most Popular Questions


“RJ” stands for “registered jack” in RJ45 connections. It is a typical twisted-pair plastic connection for Ethernet devices with an eight position eight contact (8P8C) layout. The “plug” is the male end of an RJ45 connection, whereas the “jack” is the female connector.

RJ45 connections are used on a type of cable known as a “twisted-pair” cable. This is frequently used in LAN wiring and phone lines. This cable is made up of four twisted pairs. The twisted wires are used to minimize crosstalk and interference.

Each RJ45 connection has eight pins. Hence each LAN cable has eight independent wires.

This network cable is composed of four twisted pairs of copper wire connected by an RJ45 connector with a bandwidth of up to 100 MHz and a speed of 10 or 100Mbps.

To connect to a network through Ethernet, users must connect a device with an Ethernet cable. Generally, an Ethernet connection is quicker than a WiFi connection and offers more dependability and security.

The RJ45, or Registered Jack 45 connection, is commonly used as the physical connector on Ethernet cables and other networking lines. The RJ45 type is utilized from Ethernet Category 3 up to Cat 6.

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