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Seeking reliable telecom networks that suit your everyday lives? Nhait is a top SFP connector manufacturer, creating and manufacturing various visual solutions for wireless communications, transportation networks, data center networks, and cloud computing.

Here at Nhait, it has a long and substantial history of manufacturing optical modules for telecom networks, and it is known for its product quality, consistency, and value.

SFP Technology

Fiber SFP, or small form-factor pluggable constructed of fiber, is one of the most significant goods that may be employed for flawless operation in our firm. This device is critical for those who share a large quantity of data daily. This portable and low-cost device aid in data reception and transmission by converting Ethernet signals to optical signals.

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Transmission Media

Fiber SFPs and copper SFPs are SFP modules based on fiber optic and copper cables' different transmission mediums.
SFP modules 1000BASE-SX, 1000BASE-LX, 1000BASE-EX, 1000BASE-EZX, BiDi SFP module, CWDM SFP module, and DWDM SFP module are all available. They are built using LC connections. Simplex LC connections are used by BiDi SFPs, whereas others use duplex LC connectors.
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Industrial SFP+

Industrial SFP+

Industrial SFP+ modules are intended to function in a wide temperature range of -40 to + 85°C, making them appropriate for use in rugged industrial and outdoor fields.
A comprehensive selection of SFP+ modules is being utilized for 10GbE installations in many networking scenarios and will continue to be the trend in the future.
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Fibre Channel SFP+

Fibre Channel SFP+ optical transceivers are utilized in Fibre Channel applications. It is backward compatible with previous generation 8G/4G/2GFC devices and will auto-negotiate to the fastest speed available by both ports.
This enables 10G Fibre Channel devices and switches to be effortlessly incorporated into existing FC network extension segments without needing a forklift upgrade.
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Custom OEM SFP Manufacturers Solution


Nhait offers a one-stop solution, including design and product testing, and has a fast production process for every product the customer purchases. We provide a natural custom OEM alternative by offering the same functionality and reduced purchase costs without losing quality or service.


As a leading network equipment manufacturer, Nhait prioritizes quality control and after-sales support, intending to offer more reliable, safer, and efficient goods to our clients. Understanding and producing value for consumers via innovative technology, caring service, and tailor-made solutions, providing a wide variety of after-sales services and technical support to clients while working to generate value for them.



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Nhait is a professional supplier of communication and high-speed network system solutions to networking, data center, and telecommunications clients, with the mission of reinventing service and product quality in the fiber optic networking business.

Nhait has invested in quality control, intelligent manufacturing, industry-leading experts, professional technical support, and networking solutions to provide customers with higher performance, lower-power consumption, and cost-effective products and promote different client network upgrades.

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Products that are in stock will be sent within a couple of days. We work with seasoned logistics providers to reduce lead times.

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We have many delighted clients who praise our goods and solutions for their affordability and durability.

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To provide all-around assistance, we have a professional Quality Assurance team that includes skilled operators.

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Product repairs and replacements are provided free of charge under warranty.

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Most Popular Questions


In general, they are incompatible. Because SFP+ stands for improved SFP, it has a high speed of 8G/10G/16G. The mechanical dimensions of both modules are the same.

An SFP module is a pluggable optical transceiver with a compact form factor that fits into the SFP port of a networking switch or other device. It is sometimes referred to as a mini-GBIC (gigabit interface converter) or an SFP transceiver.

Yes, in most circumstances, the connection and cable assembly are backward compatible – an SFP+ connector is a straight replacement for an SFP connector, allowing for simple upgrading of client systems. Because they are standard items, the cable assemblies will be interoperable across systems – an SFP copper cable assembly may be placed into an SFP+ cage and matched with an SFP+ connection on the board.

When transceivers, such as SFPs, are referred to as manufacturer-compatible,’ it signifies that they are not manufactured by the original manufacturer of the devices with which they work, but they are compatible with them. Understanding SFP compatibility requires understanding the MSA (Multi-source Agreement), which standardizes all transceiver equipment.

In many situations, the SFP+ connector accepts SFP optics. However, the speed is limited to 1G rather than 10 G. SFP+ optics, cannot be connected to the SFP port since SFP+ does not allow rates less than 1G. Furthermore, practically all SFP+ ports on Cisco switches may handle SFPs, but many Brocade SFP+ ports only support SFP+ optics.

You may discover that a suitable SFP transceiver cannot perform appropriately in the branded switch. This is frequently caused by misbehavior rather than an incompatible SFP transceiver. The instructions below will help you utilize an appropriate SFP module correctly.

  • Examine the transceiver and the hardware interface.
  • Check that the SFP modules are the same color on both ends.
  • Select the appropriate fiber cable
  • Confirm that both ports are SFP module compatible.
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