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Searching for the best spring finger that suits your device? Nhait offers a wide selection of spring fingers in varying styles and sizes depending on the type of application. Feel free to contact us to learn more about spring finger products.

Spring Finger Technology

In practically every tiny printed circuit board application, spring fingers or universal ground connections) are employed. A spring finger is a surface-mountable internal connection with a single contact. It connects and grounds a PCB from EMI noise and static between it and other electronic components such as a secondary PCB, shield cam, antenna, or speaker.

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Standard-flat Contact

Standard-flat Contact

Type of spring finger that features basic geometry for ease of use for standard box and C-type connections.
Standard-flat contract-type spring fingers are commonly seen in automotive projects, particularly in dashboards and headlights.
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Pre-loaded Contact

Pre-loaded Contact

When stable electrical contact with is required, pre-loaded spring fingers are recommended. Over the operating range of the spring finger, the force change is minimal. Spring fingers that have been pre-loaded.
Pre-loaded contact spring fingers are used in most military projects for weapons and vehicles, which are typical applications of pre-loaded spring fingers.
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Ultra-low Profile

Ultra-low Profile

In applications requiring low effective heights, ultra-low profile, Y-type spring fingers are employed.
Y-type spring fingers are used in projects that require low effective heights or ultra-low profile which can be seen in electrical bike projects for battery connections.
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Ultra-small Contact

Ultra-small Contact

This can be applied in various styles/forms, for extreme height applications. In, little spring fingers are employed. A diverse variety of uses with limited space across numerous businesses.
Spring finger application also includes medical applications. These devices usually require little spring fingers for sensors.
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Process in design and production stage for Spring Finger

Although many items rely on the durability of their spring components, it is vital to select high-quality spring contacts that will succeed in a timely manner. Nhait adheres to traditional production methods such as the following:



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We tailor the size and technical specifications of our products to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


Mold Design

Our mold workshop creates molds that are customized to product specifications and material properties.




We utilize stamping machines of varying specifications to produce shrapnel in accordance with the specific requirements of each product.


Spring Finger packaging


We offer various packaging methods such as carrier tape, blister packs, and PE bags to meet the diverse needs of our customers.


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Most Popular Questions


A spring finger is a surface-mountable, single-contact internal connection with several functionalities on a printed circuit board. Spring fingers can feed antennas, make low-voltage electrical connections, and provide grounding or shielding.

Spring fingers are usually the last pieces to be introduced to a board. The kind utilized is determined by the height and space available on the board, but the selection is often based on your design requirements.

A standard footprint is used by scalable spring fingers permitting quick design adjustments without requiring more room.

A spring finger is a surface-mountable, single-contact internal connection with several functionalities on a PCB. Antenna feeds, low-voltage electrical connections, and grounding or shielding may all be accomplished with spring fingers.

Yes, an application may have numerous types of spring fingers. Basic C types, for example, can be used for grounding between the device and the PCB, while several pre-loaded spring fingers on the board can be utilized for shielding or other simple connections.

Scalable spring fingers have a similar footprint, allowing for simple design adjustments without additional space.

A pre-loaded spring finger offers steady electrical contact with minimum deflection while providing the same force with minor compression. These characteristics benefit applications with a limited amount of accessible height.

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