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Automotive Stamping

Automotive stamping must be exact and accurate because when the exterior shell of a car or motor vehicle is examined, there should be no asymmetrical or rough sections on the vehicle's outer body.
The quality of automobile stamping, whether for the outside or inside of a car, must be of the greatest caliber. This brings us to the following issue: how employing metal stamping in automobile stamping may be beneficial.
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CED Coating

CED Coated Automotive Stamping

Cathodic electro-deposition coating (CED) meets the highest aesthetic, corrosion resistance, and environmental standards. The corrosion resistance of up to 2000 hours, according to DIN EN ISO 9227, can be achieved in conjunction with zinc and zinc alloy systems (duplex coatings).
CED coating provides dependable protection, whether used as a visible coating or base coat in conjunction with powder or wet coating. The automobile and commercial vehicle industries, farm machinery industries, and engineering and fittings industries are the primary application sectors.
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Powder Coated Automotive Stamping

Powder Coated Automotive Stamping

Stamped pieces are sprayed with electrostatically charged finely ground plastic particles. The coating is uniform, the corner coverage is high, the impact strength is good, and the corrosion resistance and decoration are good.
Depending on the metal substrate to be coated, stamped components are separately put on racks for a specific cleaning procedure before e-coating or powder coating.
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Progressive Stamping

Progressive Stamping

It is used to manufacture small and precise metal parts, including medical and electronic stamping parts, metal clips and brackets, spring clips, etc. Stamping parts are indispensable internal parts for computer and electronic product manufacturers.
Stamping parts are used by computer and electronics makers to build interior components. Technical items have unique forms and dimensions that necessitate precise manufacture and production procedures.
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Four Slide Stamping

Four Slide Stamping

The workpiece is shaped horizontally by sliding it between four different tools in a four-slide, multi-slide, or four-way stamping operation. Each device bends the workpiece as it feeds through a seamless sequence of procedures.
Military and Defense throughout the manufacturing process, extreme attention to product detail is essential, as are trained artisans with a demonstrated commitment to quality standards.
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Fine Blanking

Fine Blanking

Fine blanking is a form of stamping that creates flatness and a sheared edge that regular stamping cannot. 
Telecommunication sector has experienced a slew of innovations, including novel networking, sound, and data communication devices, not to mention the massive amount of infrastructure required to make the technology operate.
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Nhait manufactures entirely personalized items. Furthermore, materials, equipment, and techniques can be modified during manufacturing. Rapidly and affordably test and enhance your stamped component design. We provide cost-effective solutions for high-volume components while maintaining quick lead times.

Which materials can be selected

While more complex stamping equipment can produce high-quality components, selecting the correct raw materials is just as crucial as selecting the suitable machining method. In stamping, many raw materials are typically utilized.

Copper Alloys

Copper Alloys

Copper is a pure metal that may be stamped into many different pieces, but it is also valuable in alloys. Copper alloys contain a variety of metals, such as brass, bronze, nickel, silver, and others. Because of its adaptability, copper and its alloys are among the finest materials for stamping.

Steel Alloys

Steel Alloys

Steel is a metal alloy that consists of iron and carbon. It is one of the most often used raw materials in metal stamping and comes in various variants, each with unique properties.

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum Alloys

Aluminum is a light material, and its alloys are the same. Because of their small weight, the metals are perfect for constructions that demand strength without added burden and applications at remote locations that require transportation. They do, however, have their distinct features and ideal uses.

Specialty Metals

Specialty Metals

Specialty metals are a diverse group of materials designed to survive harsh and severe conditions without rusting, deteriorating, or becoming brittle. Many titanium or nickel-based alloys fall within this group.

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Application industry and case


Aerospace industry

We design and stamp high-quality aircraft components and fittings such as assemblies, brackets, bushings, clips, shields, terminals, wire forms, and ID tags, among other things. These components are produced to order for specific applications, assuring that they will fit perfectly in your preferred spot.

Automotive Industry

Stamping is a low-cost, quick, and adaptable production technology. Stamping components can be used in the automotive industry to make various metal parts while decreasing material waste and expenses.

Construction industry

The construction industries are in charge of one of the most significant responsibilities on the planet: producing residential dwellings and commercial structures that are fundamental to people's daily lives. The construction industry relies on high-quality stampings designed to withstand the test of time to continue producing stable systems.

Hospitality and Food Service Industry

The hospitality and food service sectors demand a wide range of specialized metal components and products, making metal stamping a valuable tool. Everything from deep and robust sinks to sturdy worktops and pieces for kitchen appliances and other devices may be made using this method.

Shipping and Transportation Industry

Without a consistent supply of car components, the transportation sector would come to a standstill. Because of its speed and efficiency, metal stamping is a vital manufacturing technique. Businesses with big vehicle fleets may always be certain that they have the inventory they want by using stamping applications.

Military and Defense Industry

Military and armed forces contractors are equally concerned with deadlines and prices as the public transit business. Furthermore, defense contractors work in an area where accuracy, durability, and dependability are certain. Stamping offers the quality control and transparency that defense contractors want in their manufacturing.
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Yes, we can keep up with the pace. Tooling speed is proportional to a component structure. To achieve consistent production, we must consider strip thickness and bending stations and give a reasonable rate.

1. Raw materials are obtained from a reputable provider, and quality is assured.
2. The surface treatment will be carried out using a qualified provider.
3. Nhait management process is used for supplier control.
4. Internal SOPs carefully govern production.

The stamping process is extensive and complex. Stamping is inserting flat sheet metal into a stamping press, either in coil or sheet form. A tool and die surface mold the metal into the required shape in the media. Stamping techniques used to form metal include punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging.

Steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, and aluminum are common stamping alloys. Exotic materials like Inconel and Kovar, on the other hand, may be better suited for specialist and demanding applications.

Stamping, often known as pressing, is the process of inserting flat sheet metal into a stamping press, either in coil or blank form. A tool and die surface mold the metal into the required shape in the media. Stamping techniques used to form metal include punching, blanking, bending, coining, embossing, and flanging.

Metal stamping is a highly automated process that produces exceedingly accurate items with astounding precision. This enables exact standards to be met in large quantities. This is due greatly to stamping simulation technology, which we’ve already discussed.

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