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Tablet antenna innovation has grown in popularity as the market for smart devices such as smartphones and tablets has grown. And at Haitong, we make every effort to develop solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Tablet Antenna Technology

A tablet antenna is a technology that transmits and receives wireless signals in tablet tablets using several types of antennas. It is used for various communication reasons, such as internet access, streaming video, audio transmission, etc. Some of the most common varieties of antennas are 4G tablet antennas and Wi-Fi antennas.

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Tablet Antenna Automotive


A tablet antenna is a type of antenna that is used in automobiles to improve communication and navigation.
These can be fitted to cars for various applications, including GPS navigation, car-sharing programs, and in-car entertainment.
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Tablet Antenna Smartphones


Smartphones nowadays must support a growing variety of wireless protocols and frequency bands.
Antennas in cell phones are utilized to increase network technology, such as quicker data rates, more precise audio and video broadcasts, and a longer lifespan for the battery.
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tablet antenna wearables goods


The capacity of Haitong to provide high-performance, high-isolation antenna technology for wearable goods.
This is also utilized in wearable devices such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other portable gadgets to boost network technology.
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tablet antenna Cellular Phones

Cellular Phones

It allows users to access the web and other media, making it an excellent communication tool.
Cell phones utilize this to allow consumers to make calls, browse the internet, and communicate via text messages.
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Custom Tablet Antenna Solutions


Haitong tablet antenna options are unique, high-performance, small, and cost-effective. Our standard antenna systems are designed in-house, with additional optimization possible using a modeling program, allowing for quick and efficient design. They utilize cutting-edge antenna design and measuring technology to ensure accurate and timely commercialization.

Process In Design And Production Stage For

Haitong has market-leading competence in designing and manufacturing internal, exterior, retractable, blade, and many other wireless antennas. We have complete ownership, regulated materials, and a streamlined production process to ensure mass manufacturing success.


Antenna Manufacturing

Laser Direct Structuring (LDS)

By merging high-frequency, mechanical, and electrical capabilities into a single component, direct laser structuring (LDS) antenna and product technology can save important space in your application.

Antenna Manufacturing

FPC Antenna Assembly

A flexible printed circuit (FPC) antenna is manually and automatically built onto a molded plastic carrier.


Antenna Manufacturing

Speaker Acoustic Module

Haitong can create, build, and validate speaker acoustic modules in-house (SAMs). The antenna and acoustic container are made as one unit.


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Haitong company offers professional custom design, with diverse methods of antenna architecture and art antenna to obtain better than the industry’s capacity to create and process capabilities antenna projects in response to the portable antenna-related sectors want. We give all-around antenna finest solutions for various mobile consumer devices to fulfill customer demands and other elements as the core.

Customer First

At Haitong, we are committed to developing the best tablet antenna solutions to assist our clients in overcoming their most formidable challenges.

Quality Products

Haitong has developed unique software and maintains various goods and technologies to streamline and speed up the shipment of premium antenna items.

Fast Turnaround

Our tablet antenna is substantially more rapid than prior and subtractive manufacturing processes.

We Think Global

We are a diverse mix of core companies and subject matter specialists. We'd love to collaborate with you wherever you are.

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You must follow buying advice when purchasing items such as tablet GPS antenna. Specific aspects must be checked before buying your goods such as price, reliability, convenience, and functionality.

There are several items on the market. The number of available items might make it challenging to select the best one. This is why we produced this guide to assist you in choosing the best antenna for your tablet.

An antenna is a transducer that transforms electric current into electromagnetic (EM) waves or the other way around. Antennas are used to send and receive nonionizing electromagnetic fields such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation (IR), and visible light.

The antenna generates the radio wave at the transmitter. The antenna receives a voltage at the specified frequency. The electric and magnetic locks are created by the voltage across the antenna components and the current flowing through them.

An antenna is essential for any communication, whether radio, LAN, or otherwise. The fundamental role of the antenna is to send and receive clear signals between many wireless stations. A functional and efficient wireless network will, without a doubt, necessitate using antennas.

A WiFi antenna for tablet can only connect to the internet via a WiFi connection. You may also connect to the internet without WiFi via 4G, 4G+, and 5G. This is perfect if you frequently use your tablet when traveling or in locations without WiFi. You’ll need a SIM card or an eSIM along with a cell plan.

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